72-Year-Old Complete An e-Learning Short Course

72-Year-Old Complete An e-Learning Short Course

There is nothing that could stop a 72-year-old from finishing a short e-learning course offered by Services SETA. Following her successful completion of a short course in entrepreneurial skills, Lwandlekazi September from Bisho in the Eastern Cape is beaming with pride while holding her certificate.

As the founder of Masepie’s Home Bakery, established in 2001, September said that she has always been eager to elevate her business with new skills and knowledge. “When I heard about the free e-learning short courses offered at Services SETA, I jumped at the opportunity and applied for the entrepreneurial skills course.”

Many factors, she said, hampered her journey to accomplish the online course. “My peers did not see my vision, and I for a moment felt like a joke. When the e-learning classes started, I realized that I was the eldest among a class of young and middle-aged students. However, all of that did not prevent me from achieving my goal. I turned all the challenges into motivation, and I have experienced that people can never be too old to learn,” September said.

One of the challenges that September encountered in the 10-module course was failing to adhere to the deadlines. “I took a very long time to finish the modules because I would recap the presentation and watch the videos while taking notes on the topic being covered, but eventually I got the hang of it and I began to move with the flow,” she said.

September loved every second of the course, despite the difficulties she encountered. One of her newly acquired skills is the understanding and the value of Marketing when running your own business. “The skills that I obtained through the course have boosted my confidence, I have learned new tactics to run my business and various ways to deal with the price war without fear,” she said.

September expressed her admiration for Services SETA e-learning course, she added that all the 10 modules she completed are listed on her certificate. She believes that the certificate speaks volumes to her. Moving forth, she claims that she will use her newly acquired knowledge and skills to benefit her local community. Furthermore, Masepie’s Home Bakery aims to provide relevant baking and cooking skills to the youth of Bisho. Amongst others, her bakery produces it scones, muffins, homemade bread, steamed bread, and rusks.

September is not only an entrepreneur, but she is also a member of the Bisho Women and Youth in Action organisation. The organisation works on issues primarily affecting women and children such as gender-based violence and child abuse. Her desire is to encourage everyone to start making a difference in their lives today because time wasted is money.

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Amanda Sithole

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